Nobody Is Bored In Byron

The Byron Days wyoming

Byron is a small town in the Big Horn County in the north-western part of Wyoming State. At first glance, Byron may seem a mundane little town, yet it offers a lot of exciting leisure opportunities for its visitors. The events hosted include Byron day celebrations with fairs, parades, music and fireworks, as well as Halloween carnivals, Christmas parties and many more.

The Byron Day

Citizens of the town celebrate the day of the city each year on the second week of July. They work on different kinds of entertaining programs and activities which encourage fitness and healthy lifestyle, cross-cultural interaction, social and educational opportunities for the visitors. The usual schedule of the celebration includes a historically themed parade, a fair with lots of delicious food, live music from the best Byron’s musicians, family activities to entertain both children and adults, and at the very evening, an amazing firework show.The Byron Days wyoming


On the 31st of October the Byron town offers many activities to participate in. The guests are welcome to join the Byron Halloween carnival which has an exciting program for everybody to participate. It includes contests for the best carved pumpkins and the best costumes, as well as a costume parade. Moreover, tasty celebration related treats will be cooked for the participants of the event. There is an opportunity to visit a spooky haunted high school, and possibly witness ghosts on the all Hallows day.Halloween In Byron

If you are an adrenaline junkie or a ghostbuster, you can visit many other frightful haunted locations of Byron, they include:

  • The Spirit Mountain
  • Church of the Nazarene
  • The Blue Lady of Cane Cemetery

Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to whiteness the witches’ sabbath during the Walpurgis Night, or ancient spirits lurking near the mountains.  


Lastly, the beloved of all winter Christmas festival is a must visit for anyone. The holiday atmosphere, Christmas music, snow and a large fair in the center of the town will become one of your most cherished memories, if you care to visit Byron’s Christmas celebration. Apart from the fair, Santa Claus himself will visit the city and take time to speak to every child in the city, and give them special presents during this magic eve.The Byron christmas wyoming

Other Events

The recreational center of Byron takes great care about the children and invests a lot of efforts into their development. The community constantly organizes different exciting and educational events for the local children. These include soccer and volleyball tournaments, water slides, theatrical performances and more.

All in all, although Byron may be a small town, yet it offers a lot of constant fun activities for both children and adults, either during different celebrations or on ordinary days.