Byron: The Contacts You May Need

The small town of Byron, despite being a place of residence for about 600 people, has a well-developed system of services available. Although some of these organizations are situated in neighboring towns, they are nonetheless crucial to the well-being and functioning of the town.

Emergency Services

  • Byron Police Department maintains order and safety on the streets and protects the rights and freedoms of the residents. The police react to the messages about wrongdoings, and apply means of administrative influence to offenders.

✆ Phone: (307)548-2215

  • North Big Horn Hospital Clinic in Lovell, Wyoming, provides general medical services to the Bighorn area, including Byron. The hospital has up-to-date equipment, and highly qualified professionals provide a 24/7 emergency care. In critical cases, transfer flights are organized to other hospitals to ensure that patients get the specialized care that they need. In this district, there is also the New Horizons Care Center – a facility that provides great long-term care for its residents and has a special unit for patients with Alzheimer’s.

✆ Phone: (307) 548-5200

  • Wyoming Medical Center in the city of Casper, Wyoming, provides exceptional healthcare services to the entire state. The center includes 11 specialized clinics (e.g. Nephrology, Endocrine and Diabetics, Lab Services etc.) and its services encompass emergency care, radiology, intensive care, and pediatrics among others.

✆ Phone: (800)822-7201

  • Solid Waste Department promotes environmental awareness of the residents. Household waste is sorted into groups (e.g. paper, glass, plastic etc.), which then are recycled. Special colored containers can be found for the collection of waste.

✆ Phone: (307) 548-6124

Other Services

  • Byron Municipal Court has the jurisdiction to settle disputes that occur in the town between its residents. The Court tries administrative and civil cases, as well as some minor criminal cases.

✆ Phone: (307)548-7490

  • Recreation Department facilitates mass recreation, strengthens and improves the recreational infrastructure, and ensures rational use of recreational resources. The Department also provides guidelines on behavior, organizes programs to attract tourists, and develops new breathtaking routes. The recreation options include, among others, canyoning, fishing, hiking, rafting, skiing, and camping.

✆ Phone: (307) 213-8645

  • The Town Hall is a chief administrative authority in the town. The Hall deals with current affairs, addresses topical issues in the life of the residents and aims to improve the quality of living.

✆ Phone: (307)548-7490

  • Public Works Director oversees procurement and is responsible for all public facilities in the town. The Director supervises the development and maintenance of the electricity network, public buildings, sanitation, engineering and equipment. They are in charge of making the town a better and more comfortable place to live in.

✆ Phone: (307) 272-9169

  • Town Clerk is responsible for record-keeping and issuing various licenses and certificates. The Clerk checks and approves applications, coordinates elections, and facilitates the town council meeting.

✆ Phone: (307) 548-7490

Even though Byron is a very small town, it has everything necessary to provide a person with a high standard of living.